Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

Dozens of new vulnerabilities are published frequently along with acknowledgement from software vendors issuing security patches and fixes on weekly, if not daily basis. Best practices require all systems to be patched within an acceptable timeframe. Sound Patch Management is difficult to achieve for any organization to perform on their own. The addition to the problem is the proliferation of script-kiddie ready tools, found freely online accompanied with how-to systematic manuals. With extensive experience in IT Security, IT Matrix offers Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Service that will assist the companies not only to get detailed understanding of the weaknesses, gaps, vulnerable points present in their IT infrastructure but also to prioritize the mitigation actions to reduce overall risks.

Business Benefits:

  1. Reduces risk and improves control of security related incidents and threats.
  2. Reduces risk and liability of legal or regulatory threat due to misuse or theft of company's data.
  3. Improves transparency and governance of IT organisation.
  4. Security & Integrity Assessment reporting and analysis provide both IT and Management with detailed insight into key IT risks.
  5. Identification of Critical Assets.Real-Risk, and Mitigation Planning.
  6. Protection of Critical IT Assets.
  7. Validates the effectiveness of existing network security infrastructure.
  8. Enumerates recommendations for mitigating risks, including cost and effort estimates.
  9. Enhances Organisational awareness of security risks to support expenditures for necessary security training, hardware, or software.