Invincea FreeSpaceTM protects your network from breach by creating a secure environment for your users to be productive online while thwarting the barrage of threats they face daily. We are innovating at the endpoint to close off attacks against the most targeted applications. Web browsers, PDF readers and the Office suite run seamlessly in their own secure virtual container segregated from the host operating system. Our advanced, behavioral based malware detection engine is proven to stop zero-day malware in its tracks.  

Heritage and Recognition:

  • Spun out of a DARPA funded project – 3 years in market 
  • Driven by seasoned security professionals from: RipTech, Symantec, NetWitness, RSA, ArcSight, DARPA and the US Gov’t 
  • RSA 2011 - Most Innovative Company of the Year  
  • GSN 2012 - Best Anti-Malware Solution  
  • GovTek 2013 - Best Security Solution 
  • Incorporated in SANS 20 Critical Controls guidance  
  • GSN 2013 Finalist– Best Anti-Malware and Best Endpoint Security  
  • Massive OEM agreement with Dell Computers 



Detection | Prevention | Intelligence   

Containment: Take the highly targeted browsers, PDF reader and Office suite and seamlessly run them in a secure virtual container local to the endpoint, but segregated from the host operating system. By doing so, we contain malicious content and prevent it from establishing residency on the host system.  

Detection: Utilize behavioral-based analysis, not signatures, to detect malicious activity the minute it begins to run in this contained environment. By doing this we are able to identify all malware – including zero-days – directly at the point of attack.  

Prevention: The moment that malicious activity is discovered, kill that activity in its tracks and keep the user running without any need for desktop or network remediation.  

Pre-Breach Forensic Intelligence: Capture rich, forensic detail related to the attack and feed that information back to the security team and on to other security devices. By doing so, provide the level of forensic information needed to understand the motives and techniques of the adversary without the breach ever occurring. 



Invincea FreeSpaceTM | Invincea Management Server 

Invincea FreeSpaceTM: FreeSpaceTM is deployed as a lightweight Windows application to every machine in your network. This application is licensed on a subscription basis with flexible renewal options to meet your specific needs. The application protects your users against all untrusted content by moving their browsers, PDF readers and Office suite into a secure virtual container. It does so without interrupting normal workflows or requiring changes to normal user behaviors. The endpoint solution deploys quickly and easily just as you would push any Windows based application. 

Invincea Management Server: Centralized control of your FreeSpaceTM deployments is enabled through the “Configuration Management” module of the Invincea Management Server. To gather the rich pre-breach forensic intelligence your teams need related to thwarted attacks, you will also want to deploy the “Threat Data” module.  

  • Available as a cloud-hosted service or on-prem as a physical (1u) or virtual appliance 
  • Central management and reporting  
  • Configured to receive real-time threat data from every endpoint protected by FreeSpaceTM 
  • Easily customizable to feed your broader infrastructure such as 
-   McAfee ePO 
-   ArcSight 
-   Splunk 
-   Q1 Radar 
-  NetWitness 
-  ISIGHT Partners  

Easy Implementation: Invincea was built for enterprise use and is protecting nearly 10,000 organizations around the globe. Implementation is easy and Invincea works with your teams to determine the best roll-out pathway. We have successfully deployed using a number of enterprise software deployment products including:  

  • Microsoft SCCM  
  • IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (previously known as BigFix)  
  • GPO  
  • Symantec Endpoint Management (previously known as Altiris) 
  • LanDesk  
  • Numara Asset Management  
  • Dell KACE