Email Infrastructure Support

This service from IT Matrix facilitates customers to maintain their email infrastructure using expertise from our trainer professionals present locally. Service is offered through dedicated technical team against a service contract agreed within a specific period of time. We ensure that the client's email facility is managed and maintained throughout the year 24x7 and appropriate security measures are taken to mitigate threats against any possible threats.

Technical support is provided through following ways:

  1. Telephonic support
  2. Email support
  3. On-site visits
  4. Remote Support


Meanwhile, planned email server health checkups are conducted along with auditing. This is further strengthened by regular application of patches and upgrades as and when released by the vendor.

Business Benefits:

  1. Protections against communication disruption.
  2. Security against possible threats that can be generated through emails.
  3. Reduces Total Cost of Ownership.
  4. Protection of information assets of the organization.
  5. Protection against legal repercussions..
  6. Protection of organization's brand reputation.