Antivirus Support

The technical support contract facilitates customers to maintain their corporate Antivirus solution using expertise of IT Matrix certified professionals having McAfee products. We offer this service on yearly contract basis through dedicated professionals to ensure that the client's network environment is managed and maintained on a regular basis as per their satisfaction and business needs.

Assistance is provided to the clients by number of ways:

  1. Telephonic support
  2. Email support
  3. On-site visits
  4. Remote Support


Planned antivirus health checkups are conducted along with auditing facility. Overall posture of security and prevention strategy against malicious code is checked and recommendations are given via reports to clients. Regular patches and upgrades are deployed when required and configurations are done based on the best practices.

Business Benefits:

  1. Reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.
  2. Utilize IT resources on more productive activities in the organization.
  3. Strengthen security against malicious threats.
  4. Protection of information assets of the organization
  5. Protection against legal repercussions.
  6. Protection of organization's brand reputation