Risk Assessment

Legal & Regulatory (Compliance)

Do you know what laws and regulations your company has to adhere to and whether your policies conform to the law? IT Matrix with its legal team will assist the company in identifying and rectifying all shortfalls identified in a Compliance Gap Analysis.

Business Benefits:

  1. Know what laws and regulations your company should comply with.
  2. Know what has to be done in order to comply with the identified laws and regulations.
  3. Know the business benefits for compliance.
  4. Know the cost of compliance.
  5. Understands the impact of non compliance.


ISO 27000

ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) is an international standard that clearly defines requirements that an organization should have in place to ensure an acceptable level of protection for their assets including information. The standard has a defined process which starts with a Risk Assessment which determines the gaps between what the standard requires and what the organization has implemented.

Business Benefits:

  1. Ensures awareness of gaps in Information Management.
  2. Ensures management's commitment to an Information Security strategy.
  3. Ensures business understanding of Information Security.
  4. Allows management to understand the requirement for improved controls.