In order to meet all of the necessary PCI requirements, a bank is required to maintain a high level of security. Our experts can help you design a plan for working with PCI in a manner that is not only efficient, but also satisfies the payment card brand’s requirements, while at the same time providing adequate security for your organization. Find out why IT Matrix?

 PCI DSS Gap Analysis

IT Matrix Consulting can use your current gap analysis to help you design an efficient remediation plan, or offer you the option of utilizing our services to perform a new one. This analysis will show any gaps that may be present between the current system in place and those that are necessary to meet the requirements of PCI DSS. Recommendations can then be made to improve the overall efficiency.

 PCI DSS Remediation Plan

When a clear image of the client’s compliancy status has been acquired, a remediation plan is then produced, followed by the process to be implemented. IT Matrix Consulting provides a full range of services that will help you utilize all of these elements. IT Matrix, along with its many partnerships, provides all of the necessary services to meet a wide range of needs, while keeping quality high, and giving the client the ability to handpick the best vendor for his or her project.

 PCI DSS Supporting Services

The following services are offered by IT Matrix Consulting to help with the remediation implementation process:

  • Policy alignment with PCI
  • Procedures alignment with PCI
  • Penetration testing
  • Code reviews
  • Risk assessments on specific modules or divisions
  • Training and awareness campaigns
  • Design reviews and secure architectures
  • Ongoing consulting

IT Matrix Consulting works with you throughout the entire process to help you set up your organization and ensure your applications meet PCI requirements. We also offer guidance and support during this time to verify your audit and certification is successful.

 PCI-DSS Awareness workshops

Provides everything you need to know for PCI DSS compliance. An ideal starting point for anyone new to this standard and wishes to gain a comprehensive and practical knowledge of the ins and outs of all aspects of the standard. This workshop will allow you to develop a cost effective plan to meet all the appropriate requirements for your bank.

PCI DSS Certification

Whether you choose to utilize our services for the entire process, or just to obtain PCI DSS certification, we guarantee our work will be of the highest quality. We always use a practical approach that best compliments your business. 


Top Reasons to choose IT Matrix for PCI Compliance

A Partner in Compliance

IT Matrix consultants offer a unique blend of compliance, security, and workflow experience to efficiently drive results. Where other consultants act as a bottleneck, our consultants work with you as a team to create the shortest path possible to an accurate and complete PCI audit.



Focused On Helping You Meet Deadlines

Leveraging over a decade of security audit experience, IT Matrix' auditing services provide a thorough and efficient solution for your PCI compliance certification. Our fully supported solution consists of tools and processes that allow you to secure payment data and meet banks compliance deadlines.

Satisfaction That Will Make You Return Year After Year

IT Matrix consultants are accurate, experienced, easy to work with, and responsive to your needs. Clients enjoy working with IT Matrix consultants so much that over 90% of customers return for compliance certification the following year.

Complete PCI Audit Solution

A thorough and accurate PCI audit consists of many individual components and activities. When these individual pieces aren't designed to work together, efficiencies are lost, deadlines are missed, and vulnerabilities are overlooked. Our consulting services, Gap analysis, penetration tests and other tools are designed to work together to provide a fluid and accurate solution to PCI audit requirements.

Improve Security and Reduce Costs

By analyzing your unique workflows and data paths, IT Matrix consultants help to establish more efficient arrangements for your data environment to improve payment card security and remove costly, unnecessary steps from the process.

No Surprise Pricing

IT Matrix PCI DSS audit pricing is simple-we determine the scope of the work and provide you with a custom price quote for the assessment. There are no hidden charges, no add-on fees, and no onsite hourly charges. IT Matrix gives you one custom price that won't change.