Cyber News :PoSeidon the most sophisticated PoS malware until now

Cisco Security Team has spotted in the wild a new Point-of-Sale malware dubbed PoSeidon that is more sophisticated than previously detected PoS malware.

Subject: PoSeidon the most sophisticated PoS malware until now


Summary from the source link:
The malware belongs to the scrapers family, malicious code that “scrape” POS memory searching for card numbers of principal card issuers (i.g. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover), but a very effective improvement is its capability to verify if the numbers are valid by using the Luhn formula.

Once in execution Poseidon starts with a Loader binary that operates to maintain persistence on the victim’s machine, then it receive other components from the C&C servers. Among the binaries downloaded by the loader there is also a Keylogger component used to steal passwords and could have been the initial infection vector, Cisco said.

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