Brand Protection

Our online Trademark Protection service secures against trademark abuses, traffic diversion, and brand defamation.

When unauthorized parties use your trademarks or other intellectual property in their search ads, sites, email messages or URLs, your brand can suffer. Opportunists are increasingly taking advantage of the Internet's global reach and inherent anonymity to hijack corporate brands for their own profit.

The deception begins when trademarked language, logos, and other content appear in Meta tags, websites and pay-per-click ads to divert traffic to competitors and other unauthorized sites. These fraudsters use trademarks to claim affiliation where none exists, potentially linking your brand with undesirable content or unauthorized sales and eroding brand equity, revenues and customer's trust.

Business Benefits:

  • Detects trademark abuse more quickly and comprehensively with patented detection technology and by monitoring more online data sources including blogs and message boards with greater frequency.
  • Maximizes response effectiveness by using proprietary analytics to prioritize infringement, automate enforcement, and provide supporting case management.
  • Secures trademarks online by efficiently searching trademark databases, and identifying global domain opportunities and gaps.
  • Minimizes the dangers of false association and brand defamation by detecting and enforcing against illicit usage of trademark or copyright assets names, logos, and graphics usage that can unfairly associate your brand with offensive content or hijack your interaction with potential customers.
  • Exposes costly website traffic diversion schemes which exploit brands in meta tags, hidden and visible web content, pay-per-click sites and paid search ads.
  • Delivers quick results with a minimum investment of resources by leveraging a hosted delivery model and MarkMonitor Advisory Services.