Anti Phishing

IT Matrix in partnership with MarkMonitor Inc., ( offers Anti-phishing services to the corporate sector in the G.C.C region. This service is designed to protect an enterprise's reputation and customer's against phish attacks that can erode brand equity and customer trust.

We offer the industry's most comprehensive multi-tiered security approach that protects online customers with several lines of defense preventing them from reaching fraudulent sites. The service is offered as a managed service, enabling companies to minimize operational costs and leverage the expertise of IT Matrix and MarkMonitor's anti-phishing analysts, systems, and vast fraud data sets.

Some of the features of our offerings are:

  • Detection of potential phish sites before they go live.
  • Real-time fraud detection, warning and blocking at the browser level.
  • World's largest Fraud Broadcasting Network through major email and browser partners.
  • Dilution to render any information collected useless.
  • Global site shutdown services with a track record of disabling thousands of sites.
  • US-based 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • Customer portal for monitoring the status and investigating the details of phishing attacks.
  • Specialized tools to detect & monitor phish attacks like StatusMatrix, Web Referrer Log Analyzer, & SPAM Email Processing System.
  • G.C.C. based fraud- casting & local honey pots.
  • G.C.C. based spam feeds from ISPs & email planting to quickly detect the phish attacks.


Business Benefits:

  • Multi-tiered system incorporates fraud prevention as well as reactive measures.
  • Fraud is prevented at the customer's desktop, drastically reducing the impact of any Scam.
  • Compliance to customer's regulatory requirements.
  • Increases customer's confidence in conducting online transactions.
  • Reduces overall marketing and operations costs.
  • Reduces fraud risks results in lower direct losses.
  • Proactive monitoring through 24x7x365 Security Operations Center.