Looking at the critical nature of information security technology local requirements in the region and to foster an environment where local IT companies would be encouraged to develop such technologies, IT Matrix took the initiative to setup its own research and development facility in Saudi Arabia.

Our facility consists of technical experts in various domains where everyone in the company is encouraged to bring innovative ideas for any new development initiative which has resulted in the creation of the following tools and technologies which are part of our service offerings.

Web Referral Log Analysis Tool: Real time analysis to monitor and report suspicious URLs from web referrer log files of web servers. This tool can be configured to send suspicious URL alerts.

DNS Resolution Monitoring: To mitigate Pharming attacks.

Email Processing Tool: Designed to detect Phishing attempts.

Secure MailMatrix: First Saudi-built Email Firewall designed to manage, secure, and route emails from multiple email servers. It secures incoming connections and receives emails in order to forward only authentic emails to internal mail servers after filtering for un-wanted and SPAM email.